A Wordless Testimony

If you are listening to God and God is teaching you one on one, you are going to radiate the presence of Christ in your life! There is going to be a whole lot less preaching the gospel and a whole lot of living it – in front of people! You will not have to say a word! You will be living and walking a wordless testimony!

Is that the best testimony? Yes! Here is why. Talk is cheap if you do not back it up! People watch us to see if we practice what we preach! I know you have heard this saying: “If you can’t walk the walk – do not talk the talk!”

There are NOT many people who allow you to talk with them about God. No Worries! Just say nothing and live it in front of them and they will get the sermon anyway! Those who allow you to talk with them and share with them and live it in front of them – they will get a double portion!

My Dear,

“I can’t hear you. What you do speaks loudly! So, speak to me with your actions, not your words! Speak to me with your doings, and not your mouth! Speak to me with your hands, not your voice – for your actions drowned out what you say to the point I cannot hear you!

What you are speaks so loudly I can’t hear what you are saying!”

Truly Yours,
Ralph Waldo Emerson

We are supposed to confess with our mouths that Jesus is Lord! (Romans 10:8-9) Confessing what you believe and whom you believe in - is powerful! However, if you say nothing and live out whom you believe in - that can be just as powerful! In today’s world that is what people need to see! However, quite frankly – they are not seeing what needs to be seen in most cases.

Example: Pastor Andy Stanley said the following in one of his sermons. “If you are here because your girlfriend wanted you to come – and you are sleeping with her. You are here with a hypocrite!”

Christians be careful how you attempt to apply God’s Grace. “Grace only works in your life IF your heart attitude is right!” Plus, GOD’S GRACE DOESN’T CANCEL OUT THE CONSEQUENCES OF SIN!

Thought Tool: Is there any contradiction in regards to what people hear you confess with your words then in how they see you live out your life? What message(s) are you sending as you are daily walking out your life?

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