Are You Looking for God to Rescue You?


“What is the reason you get up each morning? What is your focus for each day? What keeps you on the straight and narrow? Are you looking to the future, and ignoring today?

Disappointment & Frustration

God gets disappointed with Christians who always put pressure on Him to send His Son back, especially when they are not even following His purpose for them to be on this earth. It is like they want Him to send His Son back but, they are not willing to conform to His will in order to get the work down on earth that needs to be accomplished so he can do just that!

I do not have a long list of problems in this world that God gets frustrated with, however, I have a long list He gets disgusted, angry, sad, and sometimes adamant about. This area is one, which frustrates God.

Here is an example my friend gave me: ‘If I asked my child to do something 2 or 3 times and they do not do it. Do they need to ask me to cook dinner 2 or 3 times? Do they need to ask me 2 or 3 times to wash their clothes? Do they need to tell me that it is time for them to wake up and go to school 2 or 3 times? My children can depend on me, so why can’t I depend on them? I should be able to depend on them for certain things.

So, going back to just what I said. Is it fair for people (adult) to put demands on God? For instance, God do this, God please do this, and God please rescue me. God please send your Son back because I cannot take this anymore. But, at the same time, they are unwilling to do what it takes for God to let that happen. Where is the give and take there? Where is the fairness? Where is the two-way street? What I just described is not a two-way street.

The thing about it is, if you are doing what God wants you to do in your calling; you see how much needs to be done on this earth - and you don’t want God to send Jesus just yet. Why? Because you realize that there is so many, many people who have not heard the truth. You realize how difficult it is to walk on this earth, and how many people are hurting. Plus, you realize how much prayer and warfare needs to be done.

Mother Teresa said: “There is so little time and there is so much work to do.” She knew her calling, she really did. There is a big difference in attitude between her and other people. For instance, the difference between her attitude and the lives of the people in many of the denominations today is this: They are saying, “Come take me out of here, I can’t take it anymore!” That is defeat!

I Have Felt Like That! Yes, I have felt like that. But I do not make it a point to pray for Jesus’ return every day. Like I said, it is not that I have not wished that, and said that, but it is not my focus for the day. To a great many people, it is, and that is when it becomes a problem.

The thought or theory of Jesus coming back soon in itself is not harmful or dangerous! But it becomes a problem over time when and if the person’s life becomes problem infested, and they cannot see a way to get rid of the conflicts in their life. It is at this point a person can begin to conclude that God is supposed to supply all their needs in accordance with what they think they need and want! In addition to that most people interrupt that scripture to think God is going to bail them out because they want it and they do not have to do anything for God! There is a great deal of people, (Christians included) who want something from God. They always come to God when they want something from Him, or when they think they need something. However, they are unwilling to do what it takes for Him to help them, they are unwilling to do what it takes to help Him help them. They are also, unwilling to do what it takes for Him to prepare this world to get His Son to be able to come back. They are unwilling to change their lives in accordance with what God wants for them.

Plus, they are unwilling to spend time with God! It is why, God would make the following statement to us, “What do you want Me to do with your life?” God just might say to someone: “What is the matter with you, what do you want from Me?” Can’t you just picture Him as the perfect parent He is saying, “What do you want me to do?”

Pleasure Seeking People

Then there are the pleasure-seeking people who claim to be Christians, so they are just as bad, even worse feeding there needs and doing what makes them feel good, instead of going forth into their calling. These people are not saying, come rescue me!” They are saying things like, “I need a new car God. Please, give me a new car.” That is worse! There is no sincerity in their prayers, no positive motive, just evil!

“Whenever Rabbi Zera’ came upon scholars trying (to calculate when the Messiah would arrive), he would say to them, “It has been taught that three things come when the mind is diverted: the Messiah, finding a lost article, and a scorpion. So, don’t postpone his coming by thinking about it!” (Sanhedrin 97a)

It is not that the Second Coming is going to be postponed by these people who say, “Just you wait, He is coming real soon.”, because Jesus is coming back is not going to be detained by people saying that. However, I do feel, this has a great relevance because they are not accomplishing anything by focusing their minds on this. There is a great deal of truth here, when your mind is diverted, when you are thinking about what you are supposed to be doing. When you are busy doing something else, or as the scripture of this lesson says, “I must be about the Father’s business.”

When you are busy doing something else, when you have your mind on what God wants you to be doing rather than what you think God should be doing. When you have your mind on what needs to be accomplished here rather than what God needs to accomplish for you. When you have your mind set on helping God and serving God rather than Him serving you - something will happen! But if you have your mind on what you think God should be doing and all the while looking for a solution to your problems and not letting God handle them through you! And when you just go to God for help and not being willing to give your part in it. If everybody keeps their mind on that, do you think God is going to send Jesus back? No! Good things come when the mind is diverted.

If you put your trust in God, and “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you.” If you have your mind on God’s will He is going to do what He is supposed to do, not only in your life but everywhere else.

Everything must be in place for the second coming, and if we are not doing what we are supposed to be doing - the stage is not being set!

So, instead of hoping for His coming, get busy and do something about it! Do not just sit there and feel sorry for yourself and think, maybe He is coming back today. You should be so busy doing what God wants you to do, you should not have time to think about it. I am not saying it should not cross your mind ever, but you should not be thinking about it every day and you should not be dwelling about it every day.

Do not postpone His coming by putting your mind on it. By the way, if you do not think we cannot detain, or postpone something God wants to do; go to the Bible and read some of the stories about the people in the written Word. The one who comes to mind first is Jonah. He was a Prophet, and he detained God, by being disobedient! So. Keep your life in order with God instead, spend time doing what He asks you to do, and when He asks you to do it!

Jonah postponed his arrival in Nineveh with the choice he made! He did not stop the plan – but he delayed God from what God wanted done! By the way: Jonah was in the belly of the big fish. However, bigger than that - He was in disobedience!

Thought Tool

Disobedience does influence (affect) what God needs Done!

Keep Your Focus!

Keep your focus correctly on Jesus Second coming! Think about Jesus second coming as your cue to get on track with God. This is your cue to get your life on track!

This is a good reason for you to want to want to get your life right with God, but it is not your focus! Nor should it be your prayer! It should be an inspiration to you, and an encouragement to you, to get your life right with God! He must fix this world in a way for it to be ready for the second coming of Christ! You see we cannot fix anything if our focus is off!

“As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the son of Man.

“The LORD saw how great man’s wickedness on the earth had become, and that every inclination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil all the time. The LORD was grieved that he had made man on the earth, and his heart was filled with pain.” (Genesis 6:5)

When God allowed the flood, and when God felt the earth needed to be destroyed – there was a certain level of evilness that it had gotten too! What exactly were the people in Noah’s time doing? How was the evil being manifested? Basically, if you look back, they were drinking to excess, and having sex with everybody, and they were murdering each other!

However, from God’s perspective, it was a different type of evil – and it is at the same level as it is now! Think about this: At that point in history they were an undeveloped civilization doing exactly what they wanted to do – with a certain amount of frivolity and frivolous behavior - people just didn’t care and they did whatever they wanted. However, currently in history you have a different type of that kind of behavior. Now what we have is extreme selfishness, greed and over the top explosive anger!

Let us put it this way. Back in the days of Noah because of the fact there was very few laws if any – there was no accountability. Therefore, it was like, “Oh, that guy made me mad, so I will kill him!” Done! Next! Or it was I want that, so I am just going to take it! Next! Or, I like that lady, so I am going to take her. Next!

There was not a consciousness regarding right or wrong coming from society. Now we have a consciousness from society, about right or wrong even though people do not follow it! Even though they do not follow it - that awareness of a right from wrong consciousness - is still there!

#1 Today, there is an attempt to keep sin hidden and not out in the open!

#2, Sins are not frivolous any more they are more planned out!

I would say that most of the murders that were committed in Noah’s time were not premeditated, they happened at the spur of the moment. But today they are premeditated.

Let us recap:Everything is hidden, and everything is planned out to some degree! Lastly and most importantly it is a different type of selfishness!

Back then it was:Selfishness with frivolity, like in, I will just do whatever I want. I will just do whatever I feel.

Today it is:“If I do this and this and this, I get this!” There is sense of advancement with the culture that creates a slithery successfulness in getting away with sin.

I would go as far to say, “As in the days of Noah” there was no pride for getting away with sin, because who were you fooling? There was no law! There was not a feeling of accomplishment when you got away with a sin, now there is! That is scary!

What I see with sin today is this: people will go as far as they can to get away with something and then go even farther if they can get away with it without being seen.
The evil that is in the world today is the same level as it was with Noah. BUT it is a different type of evilness! And the big dividing line is this: In Noah’s time you had sin without a consciousness – people just did it. There was no consciousness. And now you have a consciousness, you have an understanding. You have right or wrong being presented to you, in some manner every day! BUT still people go against it anyway! Whether they do it for rebellion, or anger, selfishness, or greed! They do it despite the morals! It is a worse selfishness; it is a much stronger selfishness! And basically, what I am saying is this: in Noah’s time you did not have to have that high a level of selfishness to commit the sin that would today be considered atrocious. But today, you must have a severe, and extreme, a demonic and evil level of selfishness to be able to get away with the sins that in Noah’s day were being committed!

It is the same level of evil, but it is a different type of sin and evilness! In Noah’s day people just did not care because - they just did not care! Today people do not care because - they do not want too!

I Thessalonians 4:13-5:11)

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