Are YOU Shakable?

God revealed to me that there were times when Jesus was teaching and preaching people through stones at Him.  They hollered at Him and they cursed Him!

Let us say for a solid week every day when Jesus went to speak, He was attacked in this manner.  Let us say there were even a few of the same people doing it constantly.  If Jesus had allowed His confidence to be impaired for longer than just a few minutes (if that long) - if this had happened would God have been able to perform a miracle through Him that day?  NO!

We must understand this: if we are going to be sent out by God, in whatever way He wants - there are going to be people who are not going to agree with what you say or do.  These people are going to sling stuff at you that might shock you.  You may not be prepared to deal with it to an extent.  You may even be shocked!  When someone questions you or attacks you in some way it could paralyze you!  We need 100% solidity that we are doing 100% what God wants us to be doing each day!  And our heart attitude MUST be right in this!

If our confidence is shaken, how is the Holy Spirit going to work through us?  He will have an extremely hard time in doing that!  We must be able to stand stable in God, and not allow Satan to shake us.  We must take this seriously.

Stability! Confidence!  You do not have confidence unless you have stability!  You do not have stability unless you have the certainty of knowing who you are!  You must know who you are in God than you will speak with - AUTHORITY!


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