Being Hasty!

When you want something or you want to do something, what is your heart motive behind the wanting?  Why do you want what you want?  What is driving you to want that particular thing?  What is driving you to take that particular action?  What is your intention or intentions in that particular wanting?   Is this something God wants in your life?  Would your reasons for wanting to act out that desire, stand the test before God?  Is this God’s best for you?  Are you sure that you are making this decision for the right reason?

When a couple must decide about anything, the two of them needs to be in total unity in the decision process.  Not one giving in to the other one, or one not being honest about how they really feel about the decision of the other person.  They should both be receiving the same direction from God about the decision.  If there is a difference in what the two of them are receiving, no immediate decision should be made until there is certainty and assurance, individually, from both of them, that the decision is the right one in God’s eyes.

Rule to remember when a decision must be made: God does not put people under painful pressure, nor does He create circumstances that demand decisions that do not allow for prayer and supplication.

 Sometimes on occasion, God will put us in a position to have to make an important decision in a timely manner.  However, it will always come with direction.  It will always come with explanation.  And God will always give us an idea of what the purpose for the decision is.  God will never leave us hanging on a decision like that.  And in that way, there would not be any painful pressure, unless we started to listen to the influence of others and did the wrong thing.  But, in a circumstance where God generated a need for a quick and timely response, there is no reason that it should feel like painful pressure.  For instance – suppose you got an offer on your house (if it were for sale) for a little bit less than what God said it should be sold.  It should be as simple as one spouse saying to the other spouse, ‘Do we take it?  Yes or no?’   There should be nothing painful about it.


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