Being Misunderstood

God can still use you even if you are or have been misunderstood! Remember Joseph and the situation with the Potiphar’s wife? There is no biblical evidence that Joseph was ever vindicated from the accusation made against him! However, the way God chose to use him as second in command over Egypt – was amazing! Some believe that was his vindication. What about Jesus? His disciples misunderstood many things about Him, and they forsook Him at one point (Matthew 26:56)! The people and the leaders of the Synagogues misunderstood Him! When He was dying on the cross – was He not being misunderstood? The accusations thrown at Jesus were horrific! People had seen Jesus heal people, raise people from the dead, walk on water, order the wind and rain to stop – and they killed him anyway! He rose from the dead and He is still misunderstood to this day! So, what is the point I am trying to make? This – Satan wants you to be misunderstood and he will do whatever he thinks it will take to keep you from fulfilling what God has for you to do! Do not give up! Trust God to handle it! Follow Jesus’ perfect example - Jesus never once tried to explain himself – He just listened to God, pushed forward, and did what God told him to do!
The death and resurrection of Jesus is the purest and most perfect example of:What Satan means for evil, God will turn to good!


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