Christian Concern!

What part of “private life” do we as Christians and as a culture of people not understand?  What goes on in someone’s life – is between them and God even if they do not look at it that way!  So, the question is: Is it God’s business or our business?

If someone says, “No to an invitation we propose to them – why would we feel we have to ask them: “Why can’t you?  Why do we feel knowing the answer to that question is any of our business?  If they want to tell us - fine – if they do not – that is fine too.  Now, if they volunteer to tell us – we should respect them by NOT telling anyone else why they did not come or go.  Why?  Because it is theirs to share - not ours to tell!!!

A person’s private life is just that, it is private and what goes on within the boundary of their family life or their individual life is not ours to tell!  Even if they are ill and they share it with us – it is not our place to share the information with anyone else!  Why?  It is theirs to share - not ours to tell!

Even if we go to the same church or if we know the church the individual goes to, it is not our place to have their name put on a Prayer List.  It is not our place to even call a Pastor.  It is not our place to tell anyone!  Otherwise we are meddling.  Why?  This is private information!  It is theirs to share - not ours to tell! 

So, what should we do?  First, go to a quiet place and PRAY FOR THEM!  Second, respect the person and do not tell anyone!  Third, trust God! It is His business and His concern – let Him handle it!  Fourth, understand: if a person shares something with you – IF they want you to share their private information – they will tell you.  We cannot assume anything nor should we ask.  That is a fact and one to remember.

Some call the sharing of private information - Christian Concern!  In truth it is a habit, and we all have habits.  Habits are hard to break. I know that from personal experience.  However, much gossip is past under the umbrella of Christian Concern and under the umbrella of Prayer Requests!  We as Christians/individuals must be diligent in the breaking of this habit!  With the help of God – this can be conquered!

One last thought: People need people they can trust completely!  SO DOES GOD!


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