When we are being disobedient, we have opened the door of our life and in so doing we have given Satan an open door into our life!  I have seen people who were disobedient and because of their disobedience Satan had a strong foothold in their life.  What grieves me about this is this.  Is when Satan began messing in their life – they began to blame God for what was happening!  Why can’t we as individuals see due to our own disobedience,WEare the ones who set things up for Satan to get into our lives?  YES, WE give Satan room to work in our lives by the choices WE make!  God has nothing to do with it!

I am talking about inappropriate heart motives that keep us from growing in God.  I am talking about heart motives that give Satan footholds in our lives.  I am talking about those issues we know are wrong in our lives and we just keep ignoring them or shoving them on to the back burner.Issues must be dealt with!  They cannot be ignored!

If you become willing to work on your issues only God can make the choice as to what issue He wants to work on first.  Now, if there is more than one issue, let God tell you which one is the priority.  Can He tell you that?  Yes, I can attest to it.  When allowedGod can and will do that for us!  And it takes the pressure offUSand Satan cannot put condemnation on us.  You see when we stay in position with God, we have the authority to tell Satan, “Back out of here Satan! NOW”!

(Scriptures in the Bible regarding situationswhere - intentions of the heart were exposed) (Mark 10:1-5; 13-16; 17-24)



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