Focus – Concentrate!

1). Concentrate on what God has told you to do and put the potential outcome behind you!

2). Walk in blind trust rather than in what seems possible.

3.) Choose to not allow doubt/worry to take over your thought patterns.

4.) After getting instruction from God, blank any “what ifs” from your mind, and focus on what God told you to do. If you start looking at the circumstance, and if you start thinking what if, your peace will go!

5.) If you have your instruction from God, do not worry about the outcome. There is a difference between walking in obedience, then walking in obedience in peace.

6.) Do not allow the past to determine how you look at a potential job God has given you to do! Everything is fresh!

7.) Without being afraid put down your emotions, and the past and what seems to be!

Remember: Focus is keeping God’s perspectives fresh in your mind and being at peace with it! This is what God wants!


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