If YOU KNEW. . .

If you knew for a fact that God wanted to talk with you about something, how would you handle it? Would you say that you had something to do first?  Would you say okay and do it later?  Would you watch TV first?  Would you concern yourself with your own selfish desires and do it at your convenience? Would you put God off until a later time?  Or would you get down to business right then and see what He had to say?

Before I go any further let me answer the above first: If God wants to talk with you, it is an honor!  It is NOT a burden!  To think someone would say to God, “I’m too tired.” - or even think they would put anything before what GOD wanted us to do – is very scary to me.  If we know that God wants to talk with us and we proceed to do our own thing and get with Him when we get done with whatever we are doing – this is what we are saying to God: “What I am doing is more important than what you want me to do!” Who are we, to tell God, “Catch you later”!  We are talking to and about the Lord God Jehovah!  Not some mortal!  We can put each other off, but where do we get off - putting God off?  Is there an excuse for this?  Absolutely NOT!

What could be the heart intent of someone that would put God off until another time?  The first thing I think of is this: I believe many individuals do not want to talk with God because - He might ask them to do something they do not want to do!  That type of heart intent reveals the root issue behind putting God off!  Selfishness is the answer!  They want to do what they want to do!

People say that God is love AND He knows best.  They confess that He has all the answers, they say He knows what is best for us.  Yet, they run from Him and get with Him when they are good and ready.  Would God ask you to do something that would hurt you?  No!  What possible excuse could someone come up with for putting God off – absolutely none!

We are talking heart intention here, so what is the real reason behind what we do?
If you received an invitation to the White House would you go?  Or would you have something else to do?  If you had the opportunity to go to Buckingham Palace, would you go? Or would you be too tired?  I can use other examples; however, it does not really matter.  If you would sacrifice and push to go anywhere else or do anything else including watching TV instead of spending time talking to God; do not even try to make an excuse to God for not wanting to spend time with Him.  He is NOT unaware of what our heart motives for not spending time with Him are!

To be invited to “The Throne Room” is an HONOR!  No matter what hour of the day!  In fact, you have an open invitation to approach “The Throne Room”, do you use it?

“Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.” (Hebrews 4:16)

One last thing, have you ever felt the nudging of God to do something, like talk with Him, or change this or that in your life?  If you have felt that nudge and you do not do something about it - you are putting God off in the very same manner.  There is no difference!  Putting God off, is putting God off.  You cannot justify it - do not even try.


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