Keep it Simple!

If a person wants to hear God’s voice – they can! A person can hear what God has to say to them!

However, if there is pride within that person, they are not going to interrupt to application the meaning of what God is saying correctly! They ARE hearing everything God is telling them, but they are not applying and understanding basically everything God saying to them! If that pride is there, they are trying to add information to what God is saying to comfort their self. In other words, they want to make it sound good so they can feel happy and feel better about it! This effects the individual’s understanding, and their application of what God is saying.

Here is the bottom line. They hear something from God, and they translate it into something they have learned. Or they translate what God is saying into something that they know, or something they feel comfortable with. Or they make it into a huge dissertation, so that it sounds holy and intelligent like it was coming from the Most High God – and it’s not because they have added to it! That is where they get in to trouble. They need to keep it simple!


There is a saying out there in the world that applies here. Here it is: Keep it simple, stupid! IN other words - Do not complicate it! Walking in obedience and having a pure salvation is work, but it is simple! It is not complicated! And if you complicate it you leave room for three things:

1) Confusion
2) Mistakes
3) Regrets

Confusion: Because you think you know what you are supposed to do. But somehow you have changed what God told you to do. So, what you think you are supposed to do may not be exactly what God wanted you to do. That is how you get confused.

Mistakes: Because you end up doing something yes with the right heart intention probably. But you do not do exactly what God wanted you to do, and this leaves room for Satan to get in. Therefore, it is not pure obedience.

Regrets: Because things you are doing for the right reason a lot of the time cannot be fixed. Now if you are truly trying to do what God is telling you to do there are of times they can be fixed. But it is not a guarantee because it is not pure obedience. But it is better than having nothing at all.

It is better to do something with a right heart intention and make a mistake then it is to do something for the wrong reason. It is always better that way, and no one is going to convince me otherwise. Because God always looks at the heart first! But! You do have regrets because you think if I only had done it that way things would have been different. This situation would not have been that bad. This situation would be improving right now and look where I am. You have regrets when you complicate things by: adding stuff, or assuming, or making things sound holy, or you try to make them comfortable for yourself when God has asked you to do something. When you start focusing on any of those things it makes it hard for you and God. It complicates things!

Here again is that expression: K.I.S.S. keep it simple stupid! It is a worldly expression like I said but applied in this situation it works! Keep it simple! Do not try to complicate it just to make yourself feel better about it. Cause it will get you nowhere fast!

Sometimes people have such a holy concept of God impeded in them that it prevents God from really talking to them the way He wants too. DO NOT MISUNDERSTAND WHAT I AM SAYING HERE! God is Holy! He is perfect, He is wonderful, and marvelous! He is God! The one true God! He is Elohim! I cannot even express how Holy He really is! I would fall flat on my face before him. I do not even know how I could “look in His wonderful face”! But God wants to be our friend! God does not want to talk with you with a master’s degree, or a doctorate degree. He just wants to talk to you!

Let us put it this way. How would you feel if you were God, and talking to your child, and your child was dramatizing and philosophizing and improving on what you were saying? How would that make you feel? It would make you feel like what you were saying is not good enough! This is dangerous. Because you can miss-interrupt and misunderstand something God is telling you. It is dangerous!

People like this are often uncomfortable with who God really is!


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