Orange Juice

Orange Juice, Are You Getting Enough?

You cannot squeeze orange juice from a lemon. If you are sour you cannot naturally put forth sweetness. God’s love is a 100% pure, it is like 100% pure orange juice. If you are not receiving perfect love from God on a daily basis, you will not have love to give.

A Real Orange!

A person that receives God’s love on a daily basis is full of God’s love, they are like a real orange, and they always have enough of God’s love as He needs them to be able to give out! A Lemon! A person who hardly ever, or never receives God’s love is like a lemon. They are sour, bitter, and unhappy.

A Sugar-Coated Lemon!

A person that hardly ever receives God’s love, but appears sweet, kind, etc., is like a sugar-coated lemon. You find a lot of sugar-coated lemons in ministry; they want you to think they have God’s love in their life in order to portray a good Christian image!

A Bottle of Orange Flavored Drink!

A person who receives lots of love from sources other than God, is like a bottle of orange flavored drink. They seem happy but are very unstable and moody. They have sweetness when everything is going exactly right, or in other words when everything is going their way.

Orange Flavored Drink With 10% Real Orange Juice!

A person that receives most of their love from sources other than God but spends a little time with God is like a bottle of orange flavored drink with 10% real orange juice. Wow! A whole 10%! They are very dependent on other people’s approval, and they fall apart in times of crisis.

So, When Someone Asks...

So, when someone asks for a glass of orange juice from you, what are you giving them? If someone who respects you comes to you needing God’s love, do you have enough of God’s love in you to give them?