Saying a Sinners Prayer!

I would like to share fresh insight into the saying of a sinner’s prayer.

First off, when an individual comes to the realization that they need and want God in their life; there needs to be a deep understanding into what happens the moment they ask God into their life and – what does not!  Why?  Because God takes everything, we say to Him very, very seriously!

Everyone who comes to God asking Him into their life needs to fully understand the following fact: their heart attitude must be sincere!  They need to know that the saying of a prayer to God is NOT a quick fix to all their problems!  Nor is it instant breakfast!  Each person needs to know that God has boundaries, and He does expect us to also follow the fact that – we are “Co-Workers” with Him (II Corinthians 6:1) and we must “Work Out our Salvation”!  (Philippians 2:12)

We must understand that God expects us to follow through - and work with Him.  God is a SUPERNATURAL GOD, and He wants a relationship with every individual on this earth!  However, God does not give mankind whatever, they want - simply because they want it!

Now, regarding saying what is called a sinner’s prayer:  I want to share what I consider an important fact: When Jesus was on the earth, He never said to anyone, “Let’s stop and say a sinner’s prayer.” He simply looked at the individual and said, “FOLLOW ME.”  And they did!  (Matthew 9:9 and Mark 2:14)

I am sharing these facts with you because when I said a sinner’s prayer many years ago – many, years ago - the following is what I experienced.  After the sermon, the pastor invited the congregation to come forward and give their life to God!  Evidently, someone was designated to come and stand beside the individuals who would go forward.  The day I went forward someone did just that and they began to ask me questions – which interrupted my thoughts!  They did not mean to do this I am sure – however, it interrupted my thinking.  They ask if I was there to ask God into my life.  I said yes and they immediately began to tell me to repeat after them – I was not so sure about that even as a young girl.  I began to repeat what they said, and I believed God heard me.  When I had finished saying the prayer, dictated to me - the same person began to tell me the following:  Everything was going to change in my life.  All the things that were not good in my life God was going to turn into good!  Plus, God was going to take care of me and make everything in my life okay!  This individual painted quite an easy life - without problems!

Someone told me later that the individual was there to guide me and get me on track with God.  Honestly, I believe it is fine to have someone “nearby” IF an individual wants too.  However, I believe God prefers things this way:  Speak to God from your heart and tell Him what is on your heart!  Then just listen! 

 God wants us to speak to Him directly – we do not need someone to tell us what to say!  There should be NO repeat after Me’s!  As I have said God wants you to say what is on your heart – to Him yourself!  I have a question for you: when we allow someone to tell us what to say in any given situation in our life – are we saying what is in their heart - or ours?!

I learned later in my life that we need to speak freely with God from the moment we ask God into our lives and for the rest of our lives!  Many individuals in Christendom have begun to see this is the way it should be.  Asking God into our life is a very intimate moment and it is – just between God and us!

Everyone who does say a sinner’s prayer must also remember this: You are making a promise to God!  You are telling God that you want Jesus in your life, and you want to walk as Jesus did!

What I am about to share must be crystal clear: Our relationship with God is not built on fretting business.  To know someone, we must spend time with a person, and this includes God!  A personal relationship with God is not based on our knowledge of scripture, nor is it based on our knowledge about God!  Nor is it based on our experience in years gained from going to church and living a religious life!  Reader do not misunderstand me!  I am not ruling out reading your Bible, nor am I ruling out going to church – that is not what I am saying!  Knowing God and having a relationship with Him is based on time spent with Him!  Learning to hear His voice, allowing Him to change us!  Jesus walked in obedience to His Father!  And we must walk the same! (I John 2:3-6)

Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Noah, Moses, and so many others would not have had a relationship with God at all if they had NOT spent time with God!  However, we know they had one on one time with God and lots of it!  Their relationships with God were not based on their religious experience, nor from reading the Torah, and it was not based on what they knew about God; it was based on spending time with God - one on one! 

 A personal relationship with God is based on knowing Him personally, not knowing about Him.  Plus, it takes letting God give you direction for your daily life, and it takes letting Him correct you and change you.

Let us take Noah for instance he did not walk around with a Torah, nor did he have a Bible in his hand because - there were not any!  Yet he knew God personally!  If that had not been so Noah would - NOT have found “favor” with God!  Noah knew God from one-on-one personal experience and from spending time talking and listening to God on a moment-to-moment basis!  IF this were not so Noah would never have been able to receive such specific direction in the building of the Ark.  Plus, all the direction for the animals, and for the care of his family.  Therefore, because of his relationship with God and his obedience to God Noah and his family were spared death!  Only eight people were saved out of the thousands and thousands that were on the earth at that time of the flood and that was because of Noah’s relationship with God.

God takes the words we speak very seriously!  Very seriously indeed!  When we have said a sinner’s prayer – or just simply talked to God from our heart and asked Jesus to come into our life – it is at that moment we made a commitment to God!  In fact, it can be said: At the very moment we said those words to God, we entered a covenant with Him!  Take heed!



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