Steps for Forgiveness!

Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you:

1. Share it with God (with or without another). Verbalize your anger, your feelings, etc. (e.g. “God, I’m angry at this person/situation”). Name every aspect of the situation.

2. Confess out loud: “Father, I forgive ________ for _________. I am willing to forgive. I want to forgive.” Continue this until you feel a release.

3. Pray for healing from God for the pain. (e.g. “Father, I ask you to heal the pain associated with this situation.”) If you are feeling anger from it, go back to steps one and two.

4. Pray for God to remove the scars. Give God permission to erase from your memory, all that He does not want there, leaving only that which He would have you use for a testimony.

Keep going back to reoccurring memories and ask God to give you a positive image of that person.