This is NOT a QUICK Lube Job!

As you learn to walk in obedience to God, your goal should be to walk in calmness, complete trust, and contentment. It is never easy, and it has not been, for anyone I know who walks in total obedience to God. One must remember it cannot be learned, applied, and conquered all at once. Sometimes in certain issues like a habit, or a living pattern, it can be done rather quickly. Most other issues are not that easy. Why? Because they are wrong perspectives, mistaken assumptions, and incorrect thinking. They do not get pointed out, removed, and flushed out in an instant, or even in a morning or an evening. It takes time! Lots of time! It never is as simple as changing our clothes or praying a simple prayer, as some would like to think. “God change me in this area so that I am stable.”

THIS IS NOT A QUICK LUBE AND OIL CHANGE! This is your complex, intricate, assortment of living, being and doing that which we call life. We cannot take just one area, give it to God, and go on. Every area and every issue effect all things in some way. That is why people that seek God’s guidance only for BIG, important things, fail. Everything, big and small, effects our lives. A change in one area always leads to a series of changes in others. A little issue in one “minor” area can impact and can cause a multiplicity of problems in other areas, not only of our lives but also the lives of others!


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