Toilet Talkers!

Some years back an individual I was teaching posed the following question to me: “Have you ever heard of God talking to someone while they were on the potty?” I was quite surprised at the question and I began to ask God in my mind how do you want me to answer? And God replied: “Is that the only place God can get you to be still?” WOW! You see God pulls no punches! At first for a second or two I felt the individual sitting in front of me might get upset at the bluntness of the question However, I was pleasantly surprised at their response! They were very humble, and they said, “I believe that is true. I have never stopped to think about that.” Do you know why they answered so humbly? They wanted God in their life, and they wanted to hear His voice! It was worth it to them to be a bit embarrassed. Do you get my point? They learned something about their self that day and God gave me some fresh insight on this topic! Some of the following is what I learned that day:

There are people who say that God talks to them while they are sitting on the potty, while they are driving, while they are cleaning house, or doing chores, or playing computer games, or even while they are taking a bath. I have heard it said: “God talks to me while I am sitting on the potty because that is when I am humble.” WHOA! That is a scary statement! Here is why? If that is the only time someone is humble then they urgently need to be talking to God to find out why! Because, that is a dangerous place to be walking while walking on this earth! That is a very wrong perspective about coming before God!

Is this the way to spend time with God each day? Is this the only time they really spend with God - because they are so busy? Is it okay with God to just have time with Him each day in one of above ways? Is it okay to just talk with God on the run, or for a short time on the potty?

Can we talk to God at these times? YES! Should we feel free to talk with God during these times? YES! However, if this is the main way you talk to God and have time with Him - it is creating a problem in your life. And the problem is this – when it comes time and there will come a time where you will have a crises circumstance in which you need instant direction from God. And when you do, that direction is going to have to be right! And that direction will not come! Why? Because you only trusted God enough to know how to hear Him to chat on the potty/car/at work/cleaning/playing computer games or taking a bath. But you did not trust Him enough in order for you to walk in a pure obedience, so that the crises could have been prevented in the first place, or it could have been fixed by God in a second!

Let us put it another way. You trusted God enough and knew God enough to chat with Him, but you did not allow God time enough to give you direction for the day! You did not allow God to help you set your schedule – regarding those chores you need to run. You did not allow God to tell you what to do and how to handle each item of your day. In other words, God could have warned you something was about to happen so do not do this and do not do this! Spending time with God and listening to Him gives God time to even tells us what street to drive down! By spending time with God and allowing Him to direct our daily path we can live our lives in a way that can prevent a crisis before it happens. And secondly you did not trust Him enough to live your life in a way that if there was a mistake made, He could fix it! And because you did not, you will become stuck and in a mess! “I can’t give you an example of one person that I know of who did this, that God was able to deliver them out of their mess in - victory!”

Some Direction! If you do not have the desire in your heart to sit down and talk to God daily and let Him teach you. Pray for it! And then try this. Whenever you have a problem or something is bothering you, like someone has offended you or hurt you, or you are disgusted, or anything like that. Talk to God about it, and ask him for a teaching, and write it down.

If you do you this with the right heart intent, you will be hooked! You will begin to appreciate God and His wisdom, and if you appreciate His wisdom and you start to understand the depth of his wisdom and the scope of his love and the general perspectives of his ways and his love for you. You will start to trust, and you will take a little step of faith. “God what do you want me to do today.” That is all it takes!

“We can’t have an intimate relationship with God if we do all the talking!” (Charles Stanley, In Touch Ministries)

“Most Christians don’t listen to God. They go to him to talk!” (David Wilkerson)

The Talmud says, “Speech was given to men/women to be in the service of God and if the mouth doesn’t – it should be shut!” (Jewish Jewels)


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