Unwillingness to Change!

There are people that have an absolute unwillingness to change their ways!  This comes from problems of feeling deprived in parts of their past life.  When a person goes through life, or a portion of it, lacking something they felt they needed at certain time(s) – they often feel an urge (or a need) to take their life into their own hands!  Their life then falls into a pattern of fighting to see that their perceived needs are met. This is because of a fear of being neglected or deprived again in their life.

Eventually this pattern can turn into a total rebellion to self-sacrifice and cause them to be selfish at a level that no one can truly become their friend.

Sometimes a person that has experienced deprivation and or neglect will find themselves being very blessed by God in some way.  This can raise a gifting in compassion and generosity.

Until a person has been healed of emotional scars, resulting from neglect or deprivation, the person will continue in a pattern of fear of neglect and deprivation and a resentment towards any type of suffering and a deep, deep selfishness, to the point of fierceness.

This is a common problem in many people today.


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