Walking on Water!

“Most people want a sweet and easy Christianity. They want a cross-less Christianity. They want to be coddled instead of crucified.” (A. W. Tozer)

Every time God gives us something to do, we have a choice to make! Are we going to listen and obey or are we going to choose to not to carry out His request?

From time to time God may give me something to do and I call it a biggie. The fact is I am in the middle of a BIGGIE right now! In fact, as I write this there are several BIGGIES going on around me right now!

I am not aware of God calling anything He has ever given me to do as big or little – that is just my way of expressing how I see certain things at certain times. More importantly, I have learned whatever God tells us to do – are Priority to Him. They are especially important because He is attempting to carry out His WILL!

Before I go on, I want to stop and share something with you: Be careful that you know what YOUR calling really is! Only GOD can point you towards your calling! You are not going to find it out by filling out a questionnaire or attending a class. Or even someone telling you what they think that it is. It is YOUR calling and God is the one who wants to direct you in the way you should go! I am going to be very honest and share something with you. Many, many years ago I listened to someone who told me what I should do at a church I was going to, and I allowed them to convince me this was a part of my calling. I even talked to the pastor of the church about it – He agreed. And it turned out to be a huge mistake! It was a mistake that could not be fixed! This happened before I learned to HEAR God’s voice! HEARING GOD’S VOICE IS PARAMOUNT IN our LIVES! Be careful – God has THE plan and THE direction for your life, and He wants to discuss it with YOU.

Back to what I was talking about. God has given me direction on quite a few occasions in the past and asked me to do something that I call a BIGGIE! However, back in the late nineties my husband had cancer and was awfully close to dying. One morning alone with God He began to talk to me and what He was saying was HUGE! It was HUGE - It was so huge I was quite astonished! In fact, when God finished sharing with me – He ended the conversation with, “Let me know.”

WHAT??? I remember at this point beginning to pray something like. “God! Help me God! I don’t understand.” I was incredibly stressed out regarding my husband - he had three doctor’s appointments every day in two different counties of South Florida. At that moment I thought I was going to PANIC!

So, here is what began to go on in my mind? I must be honest I was a bit scared. So, I sat down on the floor and took some deep breathes and I thought about what God had said to me and after about 10 minutes I simply said to God, you want me to do this. ME? Lord, I will do what you ask because you know me inside and out. Thank you for bringing to my mind what you taught me some time back. You said, “I will never set you up to fail!” thank you for reminding me. However, I still am feeling a little shaky with what You want me to do. I know this is where trust comes in and I really want to fulfil my calling! In fact, I want to please you every day of my life in everything I do. So, Father I choose to trust you and obey you! But I still feel kind of shaky. Okay, I hear you God I made my choice and I need to stop whining and go forward and do what You want me too - for now. Forgive me God for the whining! I choose to be a team with you on this project you have designed for US! WE can do this God – together!

What is that God? Did you just say to me, “If I want to become what you want me to be, I have to keep in mind what you told me a long time ago?” Yes, Father I remember you saying to me, ‘Sue, if you want to walk on water with Jesus – you have to get out of the boat!” Thank you Master!”


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