What does it TAKE for someone to GET IT RIGHT?

IT takes determination! It takes a refusal to keep failing and making the same mistakes over again. We must have an understanding or realization, or an acceptance that there is no easy way out! In other words, there are NO QUICK FIXES! Why? If the person is thinking in terms of quick fixes, instant breakfast, pacifying, or temporally relieving the bite of the situation it will not work! They must understand there is no easy way and that there is no such thing as a quick fix! You cannot want to fix things temporally because - God is only interested in a permanent solution! They can’t be saying, “God, can you just handle this right now, so I can go on to something else? God, can you just fix this for me?” There has got to be a realization, or acceptance, or understanding that there is no easy way out! It takes hard work to get things right! There must be a desire for betterment, improvement, completion, stability, and willingness, a desire, or an interest in circumstances to improve. If the person does not flat out care – what is the point?

When someone says a sinner’s prayer can be a good thing! However, everyone who does say a sinner’s prayer must remember: the moment you say the prayer you are making a commitment to God! What kind of commitment does one make if they really mean what they say? If they meant what they said, they made a commitment to God to allow Jesus into their life – to - follow Him! We all have made commitments in the past and then for whatever reason did not carry them out. We simply did not follow through! However, when we say a sinners prayer and we make a commitment to God and invite Jesus into our lives we need to get with God and ask for His perspective regarding where we are at that moment in our walk with Him.


First: Say something like this to God: Up until now I did make a promise, I did give my word that I was going to follow Jesus! I did say I was going to make Him my Savior and Lord, and up until now I have not really done that. So, God I am going to listen to what you want me to do. Then be STILL and LISTEN!

This must be crystal clear to everyone who has said a sinner’s prayer. If you gave your word to God in a sinners prayer that you wanted to commit your life and make Jesus your Lord and Savior; if you didn’t follow through with it this is how you can start!

Second: Our relationship with God is not built on fretting business. You must spend time with a person, and this includes God. A personal relationship with God is not based on your knowledge of scripture, nor is it based on your knowledge about God! Nor is it based on your experience in years gained from going to church and living a religious life!

If that were the case Noah, Moses, and a whole bunch of others did not have a relationship with God! We know that is not true because we know that they did. Their relationship with God was not based on their religious experience, nor from reading the Torah, and it was not based on what they knew about God; it was based on spending time with God – one on one! 

So, to walk around saying you have a personal relationship with God if you are basing it on any of those three things; then you are missing out on what your relationship with God is truly and purely about.

A personal relationship with God is based on knowing Him personally, and that takes spending time talking to Him. However, it takes letting Him give you direction for your daily life, and it takes letting Him correct you and change you. Look at the biblical written examples of people that knew God personally! Noah did not walk around with a written Old Testament (Torah), nor a written New Testament in his hand. There were not any! Yet he knew God personally or He would not have found “favor” in the eyes of God! Think about this. Because of what we know about the time Noah lived in, there was not very many people that Noah knew when he was growing up; that were close to God! If that were the case, then why did God only save Noah and his family?

There is no basis in the written Word for us to think that Noah had any one to really teach him about God. He knew God from one on one personal experience. Talking and listening on a moment to moment basis!

God takes the words we speak very seriously! Very seriously! When we have said a sinner’s prayer – at that moment we made a commitment to God! In fact, it can be said, when we said what we did to God – we entered a covenant! Take heed!

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