Why am I doing this?

AnswerReason might beIssue
I want to...I know that I gave my life to God, but that didn’t mean every desire I was ever going to have …Rebellion
I have to …Someone is putting gun to my head saying, “…”do this or I will shoot you”…Fear
Someone is expecting me to do this …I am supposed to be kind to people. So, If I don’t do what someone expects me to do then I am being mean …Obligation
People will be angry with me If I don’t …I don’t like it when people get angry with me. If it’s not exactly what God wants me to do, at least He won’t be angry with meEmotional Instability
People will say bad things about me if I don’t do it …My God wants people to like me. My God would want me to go ahead and do it because He would not want me to feel embarrassed in front of othersInsecurity
Everyone else is doing it …Since everyone else does it, then it isn’t that big of a sin …Deception
What else am I supposed to do if I don’t do it? …I have heard all these ideas and all this advice I already know that none of it is right but I might as well try something anywayConfusion
Something bad might happen if I don’t do it …I have to take care of myself, I trust God to handle some things in my life but not everything …Doubt
I want the task finished today!I can’t let anything interfere with my all-important schedule for tomorrow . . .Anxiety
God promises to fulfill my needs and I really need this so He would want me to do this to get it!God will give me anything I want really bad and would want me to do whatever I have to do to get it!Selfishness
It will help my ministry …God is much more interested in helping my ministry than accomplishing His will on earth!Self-Promotion
I have always done this and I see no reason to stop …I do what God asks me as long as it goes along with what I want to do …Unwillingness
I am supposed to because this is the way it is done!I am a robot and have been programed to only follow worldly patterns set by man…Worldliness
Everything else can wait!I know I have work to do but. Well…this isn’t exactly wasting time. Just because it doesn’t accomplish anything, it doesn’t mean it wastes time.Distraction
Someone told me to do this and I really want to make them happy…The people who love me only want what is best for me and they have always been there for me in the past so I should do what they say no matter what I may feel God is trying to tell me!Interference
Why not do it?I’ve already gotten saved and born again, so it doesn’t matter what I do! And, if it makes me happy, why not do it?Disobedience
I can’t continue with the way things are going now…I am too impatient to wait for god’s direction and intervention so, I’m just going to handle things on my own…Resentment
It is a way that God can use me …I think that God wants me to be used in all important matters because He wants me to believe that I am important!Pride
I promised God I would accomplish something and I don’t know of any other way to do it …I know that God is counting on me to do this and I know God has supernatural wisdom, but I’m too stupid to ask for directions from Him!Ignorance


AnswerReason might be
Who?Because God told me to
What?do this
When?today and followed
How?with His directions and guidance and I know it was God because I checked if it was!
Where?in His will by testing the Spirit (1 John. 4:1-3) and I am going to do it
Why?because Jesus is my shepherd and I am His sheep! Baaaah! (John 10 - all verses, especially vs. 27)

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