“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. (NIV) Matthew 6:34

When there are circumstances, and unresolved issues in your life, if you are thinking about these issues at least once a day you are worrying about them.

Once you have gotten with God and received His perspective and his direction and once you have given them over to God than you should not think about them! If the devil brings them into your mind you are going to have to tell him to shut up! You will have to remind him; this is God’s problem not yours. You will have to remind yourself, that your problems are in God’s hands and they are not your own, they are God’s!

By worrying you are wasting God’s time! Why? Because your time is God’s time! God does not want you thinking about anything except the things He wants you to do that day! Every other thought should be out of your mind.

If there is a circumstance or an issue that has come up regarding something which can affect your calling, remember this. You may have to remind Satan your calling is God’s calling, and God will make a way when there is no way.

If someone in and around your life does not make the right choice, God will still have His way, even if it is not in God’s best time frame!

If we are doing what God is telling us to do, there really is not any time for us to be worrying. Let’s say, we are going about our day and a new problem comes up. If it isn’t an emergency, and if it isn’t something that has caused un-forgiveness in you, or it isn’t a crisis of the moment, then the problem should be able to wait until the next day!

If you are worrying, it is going to directly affect what you are supposed to be doing that day. Even if you are not spending a whole lot of time in a pity party. It doesn’t matter because it is getting your focus off of what God has for you to do enough to affect the quickness in which you do things. In other words, the speed in which things are accomplished.

Worrying accomplishes nothing. Once we have put a problem at the foot of the cross, once we have said, “God, I know you have paid the price for all of my problems, and I’m putting this problem at the foot of the cross. I know you said you have already taken care of. because you promised to meet my needs. God, whatever the need is in my life, all I am interested in is serving you, and bringing you glory! So, whatever you have to do to solve this problem in my life, in order that I can serve you and eventually (you should never put a time frame there, in fact you should never put a time frame behind what you are saying) accomplish the calling you have put into my life, I trust you.”

Once you have said to God, it is His problem, if you are bringing it up again, you are literally taking the problem back. Once you have put the problem at the foot of the cross, it is paid for just like a sin! It is done, it is now God’s.

Therefore, whatever the need, you will be relieved the direct suffering of that problem. You will be relieved of the major consequences which could stop you from accomplishing what God has said for you to accomplish.

When a problem Is REALLY put at the foot of the Cross:
1. The problem will be completely taken care of.
2. The person will be relieved.
3. God will make a way so that the person will be able to do what God has set out for them.

One of these must happen. Here again do not necessarily look for the solution to the problem to come in the time frame you want it to.

If our attitude is this. “God I’m only here to bring you glory, I’m only here so that you can place me in the best position that I can be in for the calling you have created me for.” If you are only thinking about that and nothing more, you will have so little problems it really is not funny. If we are in the will of God in our lives to the best of our ability, and we can see God placing us and moving things so that we can be in the best position we can be in for his calling in us. That is our only issue, and that should be our only concern. Nothing else should concern us. Why? Because, he said follow me and the rest will come.

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. (NIV) Matthew 6:33

If you seek for that kingdom and everything God has for you on this earth to accomplish what He wants you to. If you have your mind on that, He will take care of the rest. It is a guarantee!

There is a difference between worrying about a situation and dwelling on situation. Whether it be something that has happened or something you feel is going to happen, worrying is a sin! Once your focus has been removed from God to the problem/situation than it becomes a sin. As soon as the situation becomes your “focus” you have allowed a wedge to come between you and God. When you worry, you keep putting your hands in to the problem. It is like sitting there and grasping and tugging at the problem repeatedly. You might as well as have a set of “worry beads” and continue to play with them in your hands. This is a control issue due to a lack of faith and trust in God. This is related to the fact that one feels as if they must handle it because they cannot trust anyone!

When you dwell on a problem you have literally taken up residence in the problem. It becomes your abode. If you are abiding there, then you are not abiding in the vine! You are just not abiding in God! It is as simple as that! When you worry the problem becomes your focus. It is all consuming. When this happens, God is pushed aside.

"I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing. (NIV) John 15:5

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